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Apparel Embroidery

One popular way of customizing clothing is with embroidery. This method works best for smaller designs between 2 and 4 inches in size because it can get pricey as it’s gauged by the amount of stitches and the number of garments embroidered. Historically, embroidery has been used to create clothing for centuries, though it was usually very labor intensive and took much more time than it does now. For most of the time that embroidery has existed, it’s been done by hand. Now, we use technologically advanced machines that can hold multiple needles at once and embroider a design using more than one color thread. This invention has made it much easier to embroider a design onto a garment in a fraction of the time it would take to do by hand. Even though computerized embroidery takes little time and effort, it still requires a human hand throughout the process. At Inked Wear our design and production teams work together to efficiently fulfill embroidery orders. Each team member is highly skilled and has years of experience working with sophisticated machinery. This makes it that much easier for them to complete embroidery orders. They’ve also worked with each other for years, so they have worked out special procedures and routines that make their process as efficient as it could be. This limits the room for error in every job, so your garments are less likely to be damaged in the embroidery process. We can also guarantee that every order will be made on time, because due dates matter. We’ve made it our mission to be there when our customers need us and to finish products earlier rather than later so that you don’t have any reason to worry about receiving your order when you need it.

The embroidery process is a simple one. The first thing we need in every job is the design or logo you want embroidered on your garment(s). Usually, our customers have made a mock up of the design they imagined, but there are times when a customer doesn’t have a design to offer us. In this instance, we’ll offer the service of our graphic designer who will assist you in creating the design you want. The designer will listen to your needs and preferences and create a design to your exact specifications. We’ll take as long as we need to in making the perfect design because we want you to be satisfied before we start stitching. When we get your approval on the design, we’ll digitize it using a special vector program that allows us to create scalable images. No matter how far you zoom in on the image, it will never pixelate, which is important in creating an embroidery design. Once we have finished digitizing the design, we’ll transfer the file from our computer to the embroidery machine. This will tell the embroidery machine what to stitch, but we still have to give it instructions on how to stitch it. A team member will “teach” the machine which needles, orientation, and threads to use. When embroidering something that uses more than one color thread, each color will be stitched by a different needle. Because no two needles can be moving at the same time, we have to devise a schedule for the machine to follow, wherein threads are stitched in a certain order that works most efficiently for the design. After we’ve established this schedule, it’s time to fit the garment onto the frames of the embroidery machine, making sure that they are secure. This is crucial because the garment moves on the frame around the needles, not the other way around. If the garment were to come loose and fall off, the whole design could get messed up and we’d have to start over. Once we’ve ensured that the garment is securely fastened to the frames, the stitching can begin. Until the design is complete, no human interference is necessary. When the design is done being embroidered, it can be taken off of the machine and is ready for use by the customer. If an order requires multiple garments be embroidered, as they typically do, then we will replace the garment with another and set the schedule again until there are no more garments left  in the order to be embroidered.

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Embroidery is a great way to get your design applied to an article of clothing. At Inked Wear in North Salt Lake City, Utah, we offer top notch embroidery services. Every order is fulfilled by talented team members using the most advanced equipment and highest quality materials available to us. One of the best things about embroidery is that it’s made to last. This is what we want for every order we fulfill. For this reason, we use high quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. They ensure that your embroidery is done with the most effective practices and materials that won’t be worn down so quickly. When you use our services, you won’t be disappointed as customer satisfaction is one of our main priorities as a business. We aim to please and to prove it we’ll go so far as to even guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our embroidery. The next time you need your clothing embroidered, look no further than Inked Wear. We’ll get the job done right, so you’ll have absolutely nothing to worry about with your garments in our hands.