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T-shirts are extremely popular choices for outings, reunions, races, and various other organized activities. They can also be printed just for the sake of it by individuals without an activity coming up. Whatever the case, it’s important that they be ordered from a reliable retailer. Because they often need to be completed by a certain date, the shop that prints them needs to finish printing on time so that the T-shirts are ready for pickup or delivery when the customer needs them and no later. At Inked Wear, we offer top notch custom T-shirt printing services. When you place an order with us, our design and production teams will work to fulfill it in a timely manner. One of our biggest commitments to our customers is punctuality. We know that deadlines are important and that not getting your T-shirts on time could take away from the wonder of your event. For this reason, we make it a priority to finish every order on time or early, so that you have nothing to worry about when you use our services. At Inked Wear, we employ only the most talented and qualified individuals for our design and production teams. Because our owner, Greg Chapman, has extensive experience in the field, he is able to pick the best people for his teams. Together, the design and production teams have found their groove and can efficiently produce mass amounts of screen printed T-shirts to meet your deadline. 

In the production of these T-shirts, we use various tools and machines to get to the finished product. Our screen printing press allows us to print more shirts than we could with just a mesh screen and a squegee. Because the press holds the screen in place, it’s easier to switch out fabrics or canvases as needed. At Inked Wear, we use manual and automatic presses for our orders. Automatic presses are completely automated and don’t require any activity on our part in switching screens or fabrics, thus making them more suited to printing large orders. Manual presses are best for smaller orders because they have to be operated by hand. Our teams handle orders or varying sizes, so it’s important that we have both a manual and automatic printing press on hand. In screen printing, inks are also absolutely essential. We supply inks in various colors and textures. We use inks that can produce a shiny, glittery, or otherwise textured effect on fabric, not just regular inks. By the end of our process, your inks will be safe for use in the washing machine and will not run or bleed out of your garment. A staple in the screen printing method is the screen itself. This screen consists of a metal or wooden frame with mesh stretched across it. The inks will be pushed through this screen and onto the T-shirt using a squeegee, a rubber blade. At the end of the process, the T-shirt will be taken to the washing station for a final wash. 

For us to begin printing your design, we need access to the design you want printed onto the shirt. If you couldn’t create one yourself, our graphic designer is here to help you make the design you imagined. Once we have your design, we can turn it into a stencil. Our printer will print the design onto a sheet of acetate film. Depending on how complicated the design is and the fabric it is to be printed on, the printer will select the apropriate mesh screen for the job. A light-reactive emulsion is used to coat the screen so that the stencil can be created. Our team will then expose the emulsion covered screen to a bright light in order to harden the emulsion around the area covered by the design. The covered area will remain in liquid form. For multi-colored designs, a separate screen must be used for each color. After a certain amount of time, any unhardened emulsion has to be washed off so that the outline of the design is left behind. Then, we’ll move the screen to the printing press and the T-shirt being printed on is laid underneath the screen on the printing board. Next, the screen will be lowered onto the fabric of the T-shirt and the squeegee is dragged across its entirety. As a result, the ink is pressed through the stencil, leaving an imprint on the T-shirt. After the order is finished, the remaining emulsion is washed off and the mesh screen will be reused for another design. At this point, the only thing left to do is run the T-shirts through the dryer in order to cure the ink. Our teams will check the finished product to make sure that the design was printed perfectly and that there are no stray marks anywhere on the shirts. We’ll also wash it before you get a hold of it to ensure its cleanliness. 

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When you use North Salt Lake City based Inked Wear, your custom printed T-shirts are guaranteed to be high quality. All of the machines and tools we use are examples of the latest, most advanced technology. We know that newer technology yields better results and we want you to have the best products available. We also use only the highest quality materials in our orders. Every ink, emulsion, and washing solution is the best we have available to us, so your products are treated and produced using the top materials in the industry. With our teams in charge, you are guaranteed satisfaction and your orders are in safe hands with us.