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T-shirt printing is the perfect opportunity to get creative and come up with an interesting design. Barring extremely complex designs, almost any design can be screen printed onto a T-shirt. This is especially good for people that want a unique design that no one else will have. It can also be used to create a logo or design for T-shirts being used in events like marathons, school trips, concerts, productions, and in various other organizations and clubs that often use matching clothing. Whether the logo/design is original or already established, we can print it onto a T-shirt, or many T-shirts. All we need from our customers is the design they want printed on their T-shirts and we’ll worry about the rest. There are times, however, when customers can’t provide a design of their own for printing. This can happen for many reasons, including an inability to use the software, lack of artistic talent, lack of time to actually design it, or even a moment of forgetfulness. Whatever the reason, our in house graphic designer can help you create the best logo or design for your product.We’ll work closely with you to understand your specifications and preferences so that the design comes out just how you imagined it. We know that a botched design can ruin the vision you had for your shirts, and we want them to come out as perfectly as you do. Once we’ve finalized the design with you and gotten your approval, we’ll digitize it in a computer program that prevents to design from pixelizing no matter how much the image is magnified. We’ll upload the image to the printer so that a stencil can be prepared. You’ll get a copy of your design in your preferred file format for any potential use in the future.

Once we have your design loaded into the printer, we’ll get ready to make a stencil. To do this, the design will be printed onto acetate film and a mesh screen will be selected based on the design and material being printed on. We’ll cover the mesh screen in a light-reactive emulsion. Then, the acetate film is laid onto the mesh screen and exposed to a bright light. The areas of the screen not covered by the design will harden under this light, creating the stencil. When the emulsion is appropriately solid, the liquid emulsion under the design is cleaned off with a special solution. Graphic designs with more than one color will be made into stencils based off of their colors. Each color will have to be a new stencil, which out talented production teams can create. Once the liquid emulsion has been washed away, the screen will be dried and any errors corrected. To ensure that the design is absolutely perfect, we’ll make all necessary adjustments before we start printing. Now that the screen is ready to print, it will be placed on the printing press on top of the printing board, where the T-shirt to be printed on is laid. When they’ve been laid in the right places, the screen will be lowered onto the printing board. Ink will be put on top of the screen and a squeegee is then used to drag the ink across the stencil. In this step, the squeegee is used to push the ink through the stencil so that it leaves an imprint on the fabric below. In larger orders, this is the end of one T-shirt’s creation and another will take its place as the process is repeated until the order is fulfilled. At the end of the printing process, the stencil is washed off so that the screen can be used again to create another design. Your T-shirts aren’t quite done yet, though. The ink on them still needs to be cured so that the shirt can be worn and washed without the ink bleeding out of the design. In order to do this, the shirts are put through a dryer. Our team will check every garment for signs of bleeding and improper printing before putting them through a wash. Finally, your shirt is ready to be worn by you.

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When you use Inked Wear for graphic design T-shirt printing, you’ll get the best service and highest quality products. We use high quality materials and advanced technology in every job, so there will be no cause to speculate over the quality of the printing job. Our design and production teams are extremely experienced in using this technology and have found ways to work together to create the best T-shirts in the business. One cornerstone of our business, besides friendly service, is punctuality. We know that you might have an event coming up that you’ll need your graphic design T-shirts for and the last thing we want to do is finish them too late. At Inked Wear, we guarantee that your T-shirts will be finished on time or early, so you won’t have to deal with their absence. Our top priority is your satisfaction, and as such we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that you get excellent service and a great product. The next time you need a graphic design screen printed onto a T-shirt, look no further than Inked Wear in North Salt Lake City, Utah. You’re sure to be satisfied with the quality of the printing and won’t have to worry about a subpar printing job.