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For many brands, promotional products and gifts are a huge source of marketing. They will determine which celebrities and influencers would most appreciate and best market their products and add them to a PR list so that they will be sent promotional products and gifts. When the influencer or celebrity receives them, they may choose to talk directly to their followers about the product and brand and urge them to give it a try. Nowadays, this marketing method is extremely popular and works very well seeing as we have a surplus of social media personalities. Because of this, it’s important that the products are made well and on time. When a brand is launching a new product or product line, they have a specific timeline on which delivering PR packages is just one cog. In order to deliver promotional products on time, the supplier has to finish making them by the deadline given by the brand. For this reason, it’s crucial that brands get their promotional products and gifts from a reliable company, life Inked Wear. At Inked Wear, we offer top-of-the-line promotional products and gift services. We can guarantee timeliness, so you’ll never have to worry that we won’t finish making your products on time. We also guarantee high quality products and service. In every job, we use the most advanced technology and materials so that your products are made correctly and efficiently. Our design and production teams are responsible for creating the final products once we’ve received the designs that need to be applied to them. They are a talented and experienced group of individuals that will work together to create the best product they can so that your brand can successfully market new products. 

At Inked Wear, we use two methods in creating promotional products and gifts: screen printing and embroidery. Of the two, screen printing is the most versatile. It involves applying designs and logos to fabric, posters, wood, metal, and even glass using a mesh screen, squeegee, ink, and a printing press. First, a stencil is created out of acetate film and a mesh screen. The design(s) that will be printed onto the products is first printed out onto a sheet of acetate film. Then, a layer of light-reactive emulsion is painted onto a mesh screen picked out by the printer according to the complexity of the design and the material it’s being printed on. We’ll lay the acetate film onto the emulsion covered screen and expose them to a bright light. During this time, the emulsion will harden under the light except for the areas covered by the film. While the rest of the emulsion becomes solid, this area will remain a liquid in the shape of the design, thus creating the stencil. Once the emulsion has been exposed for the proper amount of time, the liquid parts will be washed off so that the stencil can be adjusted and corrected before use in the printing process. When it’s been dried completely, the screen will be placed on the printing press. Underneath it, the garment or item being printed on will be placed on the printing board. The screen will be lowered onto the printing board and ink will be added to the top end of the screen. We’ll use a squeegee to push the ink across the screen and through the stencil, leaving an imprint behind on the material. This process will be repeated until the order is fulfilled and the design is no longer necessary. Instead of merely throwing it away, we’ll wash off the screen so that we can use it again for another design in the future. Before the item can be sent out, it has to be dried and the ink cured. This part of the process creates a smooth finish and prevents the ink from fading away as time goes on. To remove residue left on it during the printing process, the item will be properly washed and then inspected for any signs or damage or error. Then, it will be ready to be sent out by the company to it’s recipient. 

We can also use embroidery in the creation of promotional products and gifts, but this method is limited to fabric items. It’s also most suited for use with smaller designs and logos that are around 2-4 inches in size. This process is a relatively simpler one than screen printing. To begin, we’ll need the design or logo the brand wants embroidered. Then, we’ll load this image into a special program that allows us to digitize it more effectively. We’re able to zoom in on the image without it pixelating, which makes the design ideal for use in embroidery. When this program is connected to our embroidery machine, the machine knows exactly where to put every stitch so that the design comes out perfectly embroidered. Because pricing is based on the number of stitches and the amount of items, it isn’t always the most cost-effective option when compared to screen printing. It is, however, a good option when only a small logo or design needs to be embroidered onto a product. This method is especially useful in monogramming products for people on a brand’s PR list. 

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At Inked Wear, our custom promotional products and gifts are top notch. They’re made using the highest quality materials and most advanced technology that guarantee the products’ quality. If you’re in the market for promotional gifts and products, Inked Wear in North Salt Lake City, Utah is the place to go.