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Screen Printed T-Shirt Store

T-shirts are wildly popular garments, especially in the world of screen printing. Virtually any logo and design can be screen printed onto a T-shirt. This fact makes them the ideal garment for various organized events, institutions, schools, organizations, and other groups. At Inked Wear, we offer the best T-shirt screen printing services out of our shop in North Salt Lake City, Utah. Our owner, Greg Chapman, has extensive experience in creating T-shirts and in the screen printing business, so he has been able to successfully put together teams to make the best products possible. Our design and production teams consist of only the most talented and skilled individuals in the industry. They are responsible for the creation of orders large and small, all of which we guarantee to be perfect and on time. As a reputable business, we like to make sure that we are punctual in finishing and delivering all orders. Many times, the T-shirts we are printing will be used for events and trips and as such need to be completed by a certain date. For this reason, it’s extremely important that our design and production teams can work well enough together to efficiently fulfill orders as needed. Members of both departments have figured out the most effective ways to prepare designs and apply them to T-shirts, so there’s no need to worry about your orders not being done on time. At Inked Wear, another cornerstone of our business is quality. We want all of our customers to get the highest quality printing done on their shirts. In order to do so, we use the most technologically advanced machines and high quality materials in every job. This ensures that your products are made using the most effective practices available to us. 

In every screen printing job, we use a few key materials: printing press, ink, squeegee, mesh screen, and washing station. The printing press is an important part of the process as it expedites all production. At Inked Wear, we use two different types of printing presses depending on the job we’re doing. For larger orders, we’ll use an automatic printing press. This type of press doesn’t require anybody to switch fabrics or screens at all. It’s fully automated and works very efficiently. Manual printing presses are often used for smaller orders. When using this type of printing press, somebody has to switch out mesh screens and fabrics while also manually lowering the screen onto the printing board. Because this method takes much longer and is morelabor intensive, it would be unwise to complete larger orders with it. For this reason, we like to have the option to use either printing press when we get a new order. We also use multiple types of inks in our projects. We have the basic inks that leave a colorful finish, but we can use other inks that leave a shiny, glittery, smooth, or puffy textured finish after printing. This variety in inks gives you the opportunity to create an even more unique design and have more fun with it than you might have without these choices. To push these inks onto the fabric, we use a rubber blade called a squeegee. Once the design has been properly imprinted onto the T-shirt, our team will give the shirt a wash at our washing station before it makes in into your hands.

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While versions of screen printing have been around for generations, our method of printing designs onto T-shirts is still relatively new. The process begins once we receive your design. Without this, we’d have nothing to print! Our design team will digitize the design and load it into the printer. The design will then be printed directly onto an acetate sheet, which we’ll turn into the stencil. Then based off of the design’s complexity and the type of fabric the T-shirt is made out of, the printer will choose the proper mesh screen. We’ll cover this screen in a light-reactive emulsion which will be exposed to a bright light except for the area of the design. The light allows the emulsion to solidify in all places but the area covered by the design on the acetate film, which will remain a liquid. In designs that require the use of more than one color, a separate screen must be made for all of them. Our design team can create the individual parts of the stencilled design based on their colors so effectively that when lined up, they will match perfectly. To finish creating the stencil, the liquid emulsion that wasn’t hardened by the light will be washed off with a special solution. The stencil will be cleaned up and adjusted as needed until it’s ready for printing. The mesh screen will then be placed on the printing press and the T-shirt beneath it on the printing board. Once it’s in position, the screen is lowered onto the fabric and ink added to the top of the screen. To make the imprint of the design on the T-shirt, a squeegee is dragged across the length of the screen until the ink has been pushed through and onto the shirt. For larger orders, this process is repeated until all shirts have been printed. The mesh screen is then ready to be cleaned off and used again in the future for another design. To finish off this process, the T-shirt will be run through a dryer to cure the ink and checked for any stray ink or damages. To verify that the ink was cured and the shirt is ready to be worn, it will be washed by our team before distribution. When you use Inked Wear for your T-shirt screen printing services, you won’t be disappointed with the results. We guarantee quality and your satisfaction.