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Companies and individuals alike seek to get designs and logos applied to their clothing, whether it be for personal use or for large scale organized events. One of the best ways to do so is through screen printing. This process consists of creating a design on fabric by pressing ink through a custom stenciled mesh. It’s used in many industries, so it’s likely that you’ve used or worn something that has been screen printed. While it’s commonly used on canvases and for artwork, it has been proven effective in apparel design. The application process begins with the design. For us to print anything we need to have the design you’d like applied to your apparel. If you cannot create the design you want, our graphic designer is on hand to assist you. All they need are your specifications to create the exact design you want. Using this design, our design team will make the appropriate stencil to be used in the application of your design to the fabric. This stencil can be made in various ways. Masking tape or vinyl may be used to cover the areas that will be covered by the design. The stencil may also be painted onto the mesh screen using screen blockers like glue or lacquer. Another method involves using light-sensitive emulsion to create the stencil, which will then be subject to development like a photograph. Next, the screen will be properly prepared. Our printers will select the screen that can accommodate the complexity of the design and the fabric it will be printed on. A light-reactive emulsion will then be painted on the screen so that it will harden during development under bright lights. The acetate sheet which contains the design is to be laid on top of the the screen and then developed. Under the lights, the emulsion will harden, which allows the area adorned by the design to remain in liquid form. Once the emulsion is washed off, the area left behind will be ready for the ink to be pressed through. Our production team will lay the screens upon the printing press and the item of clothing to be printed on is placed on the printing board, underneath the screen. Once ink is applied to the top end of the screen, it’s lowered onto the printing board. Then, a squeegee will be used to drag the ink across the screen so that it’s pressed through the stencil. This applies the design to the fabric underneath. Once the design has been successfully applied, the rest of the emulsion is removed from the mesh so that it can be reused for future stencils. The fabric will then be passed through a dryer, which dries and cures the ink so that a smoother finish is created. Members of our production team will check the garment and ensure that there isn’t any stray ink to be found so that your product is in perfect condition. 

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At Inked Wear, we provide excellent screen printing services to the greater Salt Lake City area and the rest of Utah. Our production and design teams are the best in the business, having been carefully curated by our business owners. Team members are extremely talented and dedicated to their work, which means that you’ll always get their best work. They’ve learned all there is to know about printing processes and have mastered their routine. Our design team will make your design compatible with the printing press and ensure that it can be replicated to your specifications. Then, our production team will take over and use their stencil to press the design onto the fabric of the garment. Both teams have extensive knowledge on how our machines work, so there’s no chance your garment(s) will be damaged during the printing process as a result of our employees. Working together, they can efficiently complete every order as it needs to be done. In our shop, we use only the highest quality materials and the most advanced technology in our screen printing jobs. It’s important to us that your products are of the highest quality, so we do everything in our power to ensure it. We also understand the importance of punctuality in our shop. On many occasions, our services are needed in preparation for organized events by schools, companies, and various other institutions such as marathons and trips. More often than not, the products will need to be delivered by a certain date, otherwise the event could be ruined. At Inked Wear, the last thing we want is for our company to be the reason your event is ruined or lacking in any way. When you give us a specific date, we guarantee that we will finish production by that time so that you have your order on time and without any stress. Our design teams will finish creating the design in a timely manner so that our production team can work effectively on fulfilling your order, applying designs to garments efficiently. Our number one goal is your satisfaction and we’ll do everything we can to earn it. Because our customers are the reason for our success, we make sure to treat them well. When you use Inked Wear for your screen printing needs, you’re sure to get the best product on the market. In our hands, your garments are safe from harm and damage that could come as a result of the poor workmanship our employees don’t display.