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Located in North Salt Lake City, Utah, Inked Wear has been a pillar in the community for over a decade. In 2007, husband and wife Greg and Lori Chapman took over Inked Wear and turned it into the success that it is today. While in college, Greg started his own upholstery business after repairing an old sewing machine and teaching himself to use it. After graduating from college with an engineering degree, Greg’s career trajectory changed course from motorcycle and and chair upholstery to working in a semi conductor factory. During his time at the manufacturer, he was awarded over 25 patents. Part of his job there was to stencil print adhesive onto silicon wafers. In his free time, he learned to airbrush T-shirts for his children’s band. His entrepreneurial spirit thrived during this time and led to his and Lori’s purchase of Inked Wear in 2007. In this venture, he combined his love for T-shirts and art with his engineering background to run a successful business. 

The cornerstone of Inked Wear is timeliness. A large part of our commitment to our customers is getting orders out on time. In many instances, our customers require our services for upcoming events or organizations, for which dates are extremely important. One of the biggest mistakes we could make would be to finish orders late. This could ruin any potential events they were to be used for. At Inked Wear, we can guarantee that you will receive your orders on time or early. The last thing we want to do is ruin your event, so we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that you get your orders when you need them. We also use the most advanced technology and best materials in every job because we want you to get the highest quality products possible. Our design and production teams are very talented and can work together to achieve success with every order placed. 

We offer a variety of services in our shop, including apparel screen printing, custom T-shirt printing, custom uniforms, embroidery, T-shirt screen printing, promotional products, graphic designers, and our screen printing supply store. 

Screen Printer

Screen printing is one of the most effective ways to apply a design to clothing. It involves the use of a stenciled design, squeegee, and heat to set the design. The only thing we need from our customers is the design or logo they want applied to the fabric. This process is very much suited to high volume orders, and our teams have mastered their technique so they will finish them on time. 

Custom T-shirt Store

Custom T-shirts are extremely popular for organizations and schools. At Inked Wear, we can create your custom T-shirts in our store. All we need from you is the design you want on your T-shirts. Our design and production teams will handle the rest! When you use our services, your orders will be in good hands. You can rest assured that your T-shirts will be created beautifully and ready for you on time. 

Uniform Store

A multitude of companies require their employees to wear special uniforms the employers provide. Especially in bigger companies, there are more employees and likely a higher turnover rate. Because of this, uniforms may be in higher demand more often. It’s important that companies find a reliable supplier for their uniforms, like Inked Wear. We can guarantee your satisfaction with our products and service. 

Embroidery Shop

Another great way to apply a logo or design to fabric is through embroidery. This method works best for small designs between 2 and 4 inches. We offer embroidery for hats, jackets, bags, shirts, and polos. Whether you need your products in bulk or individually, we can embroider your design when you need it. All we need from you is a design and the date by which you need it completed. 

T-Shirt Store

At Inked Wear, we’re known for our T-shirts. Our owner, Greg, has a fortune of experience in designing T-shirts and stencils and has put together teams to do the same. His experience has allowed Inked wear to flourish with talent and success.

Promotional Products Supplier

For many companies, promotional products are an extremely important aspect of their marketing. These products are often customized for the recipients, who upon receiving the product can market it to their fan base, thereby garnering more attention for the brand. Brands tend to have a set schedule according to which they distribute the products, so it’s vital that they already have them when they need to be sent out. When you use Inked Wear, you’ll always get your promotinal products and gifts on time, so you can stick to the schedule.

Graphic Designer

In order to print or embroider any of your orders, we need to have the design or logo you want embroidered. If, however, you cannot create the design yourself, our graphic designer can do  it for you. With your help and specifications, we can create the exact design you’re imagining for your products. Once we’ve finished the design, we’ll load it into our machines so that it can be screen printed or embroidered as soon as possible. Then, you’ll get a copy of your design so that you can use it again in the future. 

Embroidery Store

In our embroidery store, we offer apparel embroidery services. This is especially helpful for uniforms and customization, but can be used for any purpose. Embroidery is ideal when the design is between 2 and 4 inches in size. Our embroidery machines are advanced technology and can determine exactly where to put stitches for your design. 

Screen Printing Shop

In our screen printing shop, we use high tech machines that allow us to screen print your designs at an expedited pace. With the help of our design and production teams, screen printing is faster and more efficient than ever. 

Screen Printing Supply Store

We guarantee punctuality with every order. We’re able to do this because we run our own screen printing supply store. When we get a new order, we have to make sure that we have enough supplies for it, otherwise we cannot complete it. Because we have our own supply store, we’re able to maintain our stock and order more supplies when we need them, before it’s too late.