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Screen Printing Shop

Screen printing is one of the most economical ways to apply a design to apparel, canvases, or posters. It’s used in many industries, so even if you aren’t familiar with the process you’re likely to have used or worn something that has been screen printed. It’s especially useful for printing large orders because it can be done efficiently using the right equipment. While it’s considered an ancient practice, screen printing techniques have evolved over time into what they are now. It involves the transfer of a design from a stencil to a flat surface by way of a mesh screen, ink, and squeegee. Screen printing can be done on various surfaces, the most popular being fabric and paper. If special inks are used, screen printing can even be done on wood, metal, plastic, and even glass. It’s such a popular technique because of the fact that it produces dark, vivid colors. It also allows for a design to be printed as many times as the stencil can bear, so it’s convenient for orders of all size. At Inked Wear, we offer our customers the best screen printing services in the greater Salt Lake City area and beyond. Because our owner has had so much experience in this line of work, he has the knowledge necessary to put together the right teams to get the job done. Our design and production teams are capable of creating designs that use multiple colors and intricate patterns. When using a company such as ours to fulfill any order, it’s important that they be reliable. At Inked Wear, one of our biggest commitments to our customers is our guarantee that every customer will get their product on time or early. We understand that your products may be needed by a certain date and the last thing we want to do is to ruin an event with untimely delivery. When you use our services, all of your products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. In every job, we use the highest quality materials and advanced technology to ensure that your products are the best they can be. 

The screen printing process involves the use of a printing press, ink, mesh screen, squeegee, and washing station. At Inked Wear we use manual and automatic printing presses depending on the size of the order. Manual presses require someone to move the screen, fabric, and operate the operation, making it more suitable to smaller orders. Automatic presses are fully automated and don’t require any human activity to make it work. This makes it a better candidate for fulfilling large orders efficiently. The type of ink we use depends on the look our customers want. We can create smooth, shiny, glittery, and puffy textures with our inks, which can lend any design more creativity. A mesh screen and rubber blade known as a squeegee are also used in the transfer of ink onto the fabric. At the end of the printing process, the final product is washed in the washing station to ensure the printing was done correctly. 

To begin printing, we need our customers’ designs that they want printed. These designs will be turned into stencils that will allow us to screen print more effectively. First, we’ll print the design onto a sheet of acetate film and the printer will choose the right mesh screen for the design and material to be printed on. A light-reactive emulsion will then be painted over the mesh screen and developed under a bright light. The acetate film will be placed over the mesh screen and exposed to bright lights, which will help the emulsion to solidify and form the stencil. For colorful designs, there must be one stencil for every color, a task that our teams are more than capable of handling. After allowing ther emulsion to set, the liquid parts that were initialy covered by the design are to be washed off using a special solution. To prepare for printing, the screen is dried properly and any final adjustments to the stencil can be made at this point in time.To start printing, the mesh screen is placed on the printing press with the fabric beneath it on the printing board. Ink is poured on top of the screen as it’s lowered down onto the fabric. A squeegee is used to drag all of the ink across the whole screen, depositing pigment on the fabric as it passes through the screen. For large orders, this process repeats until there are no more items to be printed on. Once the printing process is over, the mesh screen is cleaned and resued again in the future. Then, each garment will go through a dryer to cure the ink. Before the garment can make its way to you, our teams will check every piece to ensure that no damage has been done to any product. They will also be washed so that we can prove that our printing process was both thorough and completed correctly. 

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When you use Inked Wear for your screen printing needs, you’ll get the best products excellent service. Our employees are truly dedicated to their jobs and only want to create the highest quality products. At Inked Wear, we prioritize your happiness, so everything we do will be in the name of your satisfaction. You can’t go wrong when you use our screen printing services.