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Our Mission

We love to see the smile on a customer’s face when they pick up their order. Getting your order on time and correctly done is a given. You need a decorator that will serve you, going above and beyond what you would normally expect to see, from finding your desired apparel to getting it into your hands.

Screen Printing

This is the economical way to apply a design to most fabrics. It is done with ink and it is ideal for t-shirts, hoodies, and many other types of apparel.

After our artist prepares your design for printing onto your chosen apparel, we prepare one silk screen for each of the colors in your design (up to 5). The screens are mounted on a manual or automatic press and plastisol (liquid plastic) ink is applied with a squeegee through the screen mesh opening and onto your apparel. Then we send it through a 280 – 320 degree oven to permanently embed the colors into the fabric. Price is based on number of ink colors and apparel quantity. Fewer ink colors, as well as a higher quantity of apparel, will decrease the price per item.


Entails stitching your design or logo, with thread, onto your apparel. This is the method of choice for applying smaller logos (2 – 4 inches) to jackets, coats, hats, polos and bags.

Your design will be digitized into a program that tells our state-of-the-art, 6-head Barudan embroidery machine where to put every stitch. We then load your items onto the machine and embroider your design onto them. Price is based on number of stitches and apparel quantity. Fewer stitches and higher quantity of apparel lowers the price per item. coats, hats, polos and bags.

Graphic Design

Logos and graphics designed to your specifications.

If you don’t have art prepared, we can create a logo or design for you. We use vector programs to make scalable artwork that won’t pixelate no matter how far you zoom in. We can then apply the design to apparel and give you the design in whatever file format you need.

Custom Screen Printed Heat Transfer

2 types, suitable for difficult-to-print designs or for items that cannot be printed or embroidered conventionally. Similar to screen printing, but the screen printed plastisol is attached to the garment with adhesive instead of being embedded into the fabric. Not as economical for orders under 36 pieces. This is often a good option for polyester garments where the fabric dye can have a tendency to bleed or migrate into the plastisol ink and darken it.

  1. Your 1, 2 or 3 color design is screen printed onto transfer paper and we heat transfer that design onto the apparel, back pack or hat you choose.
  2. Your full color design is screen printed in simulated process onto transfer paper and we heat transfer that design onto your chosen apparel, backpack or hat.

Stock Number Heat Transfer

Ideal for sports teams, a stock number is screen printed in black or white ink onto transfer paper and then heat transferred onto your chosen uniform. Available in 4, 6 and 8 inches tall. This is resistant to dye migration found sometimes in polyester fabric.

Vinyl Heat Transfer

For personalized names, or low quantity, simple, one-color designs. The design is cut out of vinyl and we heat transfer it to your apparel, bag or hat. Some people like it for it’s very smooth surface.

Other Services

Vinyl Banners, Perforated One-way Visibility Window Graphics: Any size.

Sublimation: Custom polyester uniforms made to your specifications. Fabric is sublimated with your design and then cut out and sewn.