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Custom Uniforms and Work Clothing

One essential part of many businesses is the use of uniforms and other work clothing by employees. Wearing a uniform helps maintain professionalism in the workplace, and allows customers to better distinguish between employees and other customers. It’s important that employees have access to uniforms when they need them. Anything could happen; uniforms could rip, get stained, lost, or otherwise damaged. And larger companies with higher employee turnover rates will likely need uniforms more often than companies with fewer employees. In any event, the company supplying these uniforms should be dependable and have the capacity to provide new uniforms when necessary. At Inked Wear, we provide top notch custom uniforms and work clothing. We have excellent design and production teams working on every order we get. They have been hired from a talented pool of individuals and are extremely qualified in their positions. Over the years, they have developed a routine that enables them to work well with each other to efficiently create great uniforms and work clothing for our customers. With them on the job, there is nothing to worry about. We also use high quality materials and advanced technology in every job. It’s important to us that your products always be the highest quality because we want you to be able to enjoy them for as long as possible. 

At Inked Wear, we can apply a logo or design to your uniforms and work clothing in two ways: screen printing and embroidery. Screen printing works best for larger designs as the stencil can cover a sizeable area and the design will be applied all at once. The screen printing process begins with the creation of the stencil. For this we need a design from our customers, but if one hasn’t been created our graphic designer can assist in making one suitable to the process and customer’s needs. We’ll print this design onto a sheet of acetate film and allow our printer to select the appropriate mesh screen based off the the complexity of the design we’re printing and the fabric or material it will be printed on. Then, we’ll coat the mesh screen in a layer of a special light reactive emulsion. The acetate film will be laid on top of the screen and then exposed to a bright light for development. During this step of the process, the emulsion layer will harden in all areas except for those covered by the design on the acetate film. This creates the stencil through which the design will be imprinted onto the clothing. For designs or logos with multiple colors, there needs to be a stencil for each color and this process must be repeated. Once the emulsion has hardened completely, the liquid emulsion covered by the design will need to be washed off. Left behind is a clear imprint of the design that ink will be pushed through to print it onto the fabric of the garment. The printer will be used to make any last minute changes and corrections before the stencil can be used for printing. When it’s ready, the mesh screen stencil will be put on the printing press and the garment being printed on is laid flat across the printing board underneath the screen. Depending on the size of the order, a manual or automatic press will be used in this step of the procedure. For larger orders, an automatic press that requires no human assistance is used and for smaller orders, a manual press that requires someone to switch out screens, fabrics, and operate the press is used. The screen will be lowered onto the printing board and ink is added on top of it. Then, a squeegee is used to drag the ink across the length of the screen, pushing it through the stencil and onto the garment. This creates the imprint of the design, but it isn’t permanent until the entire garment is dried and the ink cured. That way, there will be no bleeding or fading of the ink. Once we run it through the wash and check it for any errors, it is ready for use by your company’s employees. 

If your uniforms or work clothing doesn’t require a big design to be printed on it, we also offer embroidery services. Embroidery is much more suited to smaller designs between 2 and 4 inches because it’s more expensive. We price our embroidery jobs by the amount of stitches and items bring embroidered. By our system, fewer stitches and a higher quantity of items ordered means that the order will be less expensive. To embroider designs and logos onto garments, we use a special embroidery machine. With the help of a specialized program, our 6-head Barudan embroidery machine can determine exactly where to put stitches so that the design will come out perfectly. The machines we use allow us to embroider the same design onto mass amounts of clothing without compromising quality. This allows us to keep up with the demand businesses may have for uniforms and work clothes for their employees. Our machines and materials in every embroidery job are extremly high quality, which means the final product will be too. We know that your uniforms may be used for years, and we want them to last as long as possible.  

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When you use Inked Wear, our design and production teams will ensure that your products are made on time or early. We understand the important role uniforms and work clothes play in maintaining professionalism in the workplace, so we wouldn’t want to jeopardize that by finishing them late and leaving your employees without them. We value punctuality and our customers’ needs, so your uniforms and work clothes are in good hands with Inked Wear on the job. The next time you need new uniforms and work clothing, look no further than Inked Wear in North Salt Lake City, Utah.